Intercultural career guidance (Workshop 27th to 30th June)

The University of Malta is planning to organise a workshop on intercultural career guidance from the 27th to 30th June. 

Scholars and doctoral students will work together in order to deepen their understanding of the career guidance needs of minority groups, including migrants, refugees and the newly-arrived. 

Research papers will be presented by participants, and practical insights about alternative culturally sensitive approaches to career guidance explored, with a special focus on the MENA region. 

The workshop will be held in a retreat house in the Maltese countryside (COVID-19 permitting), and will limit participation to 40 scholars and post-graduate students. 

Mt St Joseph Retreat House

There are a few remaining places available for academics and doctoral students working on the topic of the workshop. Those interested please contact the workshop coordinator ( for further information. 

Selected student applicants may be able to benefit from partial funding covering accommodation on a half-board basis.

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